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Bruins Authentics

About Bruins Authentics

Bruins Authentics is the official game-used, team-issued, and team stock memorabilia of the Boston Bruins. Bruins Authentics items come straight from the locker room and ice, allowing one to own a piece of Bruins history. Bruins Authentics will be sold exclusively at the ProShop powered by '47 and BostonProShop.com, the official team store of the Boston Bruins. All Bruins Authentics items will be authenticated, through the support of OpSec.



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  • Game-used memorabilia is equipment that was worn/used by a player during an official NHL game. Details such as what player used the item, what game(s) it was used in, etc. will be provided.
  • Team-issued memorabilia is equipment that was issued to a player by the team/league. These items have not necessarily been used during an official NHL game.
  • Team stock items are equipment that was manufactured for a player or team that was not actually used in a game or practice, often times in the original manufacturer's packaging.


The Boston Bruins have enlisted the support of OpSec, the leading provider of physical authentication and online brand protection, to authenticate all Bruins Authentics items. Every item will receive an official tamper-proof OpSec hologram.

To check the authenticity, there is a QR code on the hologram that will take a customer to a BostonProShop.com page, where a specific 2-part code on the hologram and the call to OpSec will return the information on the item. The hologram should not be removed or else the item will lose its value and authenticity.


What is Bruins Authentics?
Bruins Authentics is the official game-used and team-issued memorabilia program of the Boston Bruins, allowing fans to own authentic pieces of Bruins history.
How often are new items added to the Bruins Authentics collection?
New items are added to the collection regularly, and we often introduce new items in line with the Bruins' schedule.
What is the difference between "game-used" and "team-issued" memorabilia?
Game-used memorabilia is equipment worn or used by a player during an official NHL game. Team-issued memorabilia is equipment issued to a player by the team/league but may not have been used during an NHL game but was used by a player.
How can I be sure that the items are authentic?
The Boston Bruins have partnered with OpSec, a leading provider of physical authentication and online brand protection. Each item will receive an official tamper-proof OpSec hologram, ensuring its authenticity.
Why is the hologram important?
The hologram is crucial for proving the authenticity of the item. Removing the hologram will void the item's value and authenticity.
Can I check the authenticity of my item?
Yes, you can check the authenticity of your item by scanning the QR code on the hologram. This will provide you with detailed information about your item.
What is the return policy?
No returns on game-worn items.
Can I order Bruins Authentics items from outside the United States?
Yes, we do offer international shipping for Bruins Authentics items. Shipping rates and delivery times may vary depending on your location and order.
Do you offer gift cards for Bruins Authentics items?
Boston ProShop gift cards can be applied to Bruins Authentics products.
Where can we find game-used jerseys?
2023/24 game-used jerseys will be announced prior to their release. Keep an eye out for announcements. No date for game-used jerseys yet, keep checking back.
What kind of equipment are you selling?
We offer a variety of skates, gloves, sticks, and other equipment from the Boston Bruins.
What is the shipping process?
Allow 3-4 business days of processing, then given shipping time to location.
Does my STH discount apply to Authentics?
No discounts will be applicable to Bruins Authentics items.
What is the authentication process?
Our authentication process is conducted in collaboration with OpSec, a renowned industry leader in authentication known for partnering with organizations like MLB and IndyCar. As the season progresses, every authenticated piece of equipment or jersey will have detailed information about the player, games of use, goals scored, and more, accessible through a unique identifier on the hologram. This information can be accessed through BostonProShop.com.